With recruitment functions for an organization, we assist find the best applicant having all required capabilities for that qualification by applying the best tools and equipment within our abilities to bring the utmost best output. Methods that suits the needs of the clients are used to obtain candidates which are presented on the basis of a match against pre-determined competencies. Then motive to recruit or not by our client hence the required competencies represent an ‘’area for development’’ or a “deal breaker’’.

Recruitment phases

Phase 1: Briefing

Context & role detail • Client profile and value proposition • Team structure • Skills, Experience and qualifications • Responsibilities, objectives
Benefits • Minimize interview time • Maximize attraction and retention of quality candidates.

Phase 2: Shortlisting

Sourcing • Targeted research • Candidates referrals • On-line & print advertising campaigns • Extensive candidates network
Benefits • Engage both active and passive candidates • Generates a short list of quality candidates

Phase 3 – Interviewing (Walking & Video call)

Methodology • Preparation & planning • Ongoing communication & feed back • Candidates briefing • First round interview
Benefits • Effective candidates assessment • Bench marking against role criteria • Clarity in decision making

Phase 4 – (Quality checking)

Checks • Documentation, Educational & professional qualifications • Verbal references • Background checks • Psychometric & aptitude testing
Benefits • Confidence in hiring decision • Providing useful information for management of candidates

Phase 5 – (Managing the offer)

The offer • Open communication with the candidate • Final submission of the remuneration & requirements
Benefits • Removes emotions from negotiations • Ensure mutually beneficial outcomes

Final Selection

Final Decision • Trade test • Orientation • Final medical checkup • Traveling arrangement
Benefits • Making sure only eligible candidates are recruited

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