About Us

Global Manpower Recruitment Agency is one of the leading private recruitment agency in Ghana which was licensed and established in February 2012 with Ministry of labor and employment relations Ghana. We have recruited all types of personals such as teachers, doctors, nurses, artisans, drivers, cleaners, house helps, securities, gardeners, etc. in different sectors across the globe. We provide recruitment services for individual in diverse countries such as
Dubai, turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Europe and many among others.


With us you need not prioritize planning for future manpower recruitment much in advance.

Various companies will not be burdened with salary negotiations and unpleasant resumes of applicants.

Lots of time and resources can be saved.



With recruitment functions for an organization, we assist find the best applicant having all required capabilities for that qualification by applying the best tools and equipment within our abilities to bring the utmost best output. Methods that suits the needs of the clients are used to obtain candidates which are presented on the basis of a match against pre-determined competencies. Then motive to recruit or not by our client hence the required competencies represent an ‘’area for development’’ or a “deal breaker’’.

About Us

Global Manpower Recruitment Agency is a highly-driven company which focuses on recruiting qualified individual both internally and externally in a much effective-efficient stress free manner to help bring customer satisfaction. Our team of consultants offers a blend of perfect recruitment experience together with a platform for local and international industry experience and knowledge.

Our Vision

Global Manpower Recruitment agency’s vision is to be one of the best Human Resource provider across the globe.

Our Mission

Global Manpower Recruitment Agency’s mission is to satisfy our clients and provide solutions with reliable expertise in human resource sphere of work force.